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Objects of the social welfare
           Physically Handicapped and mentally Retarded.
           Unwed mothers.
           Free legal Aids.
           Adolescent counseling.
           AIDS & SARC Awareness.
           Human Rights awareness.
           Child Labor.
           Juvenile Delinquents.
           Home for aged.
           Creating awareness among the people for the protection of theenvironment.
             To undertake activities for the storage of raining water and pollution control and tree
    plantation to organize tree safety prevention board and awareness of the tree plantation and
    social forestry.
             Land development and reclamation of wasteland or degraded land with special emphasis
    on ecological improvement.
Objects of the general public utility
           To carry out the objects of general public utility, not involving the carrying on of any activity
    for profit motive such as to establish, run ,maintain and develop, activity for profit motive such as to establish, run, maintain and develop, public halls, cyclone relief centers, communal riot relief centers, homes for the aged, destitute men, women and children, on no loss and no profit basis.
Food & Nutrition
           To give employment to handicapped persons, ex-servicemen for the purpose of meeting
  the objects.
           Purchase or acquire by donation or reserve agricultural lands for the purpose of meeting
  the objects.
           To dig and construct or aid in making bore wells, reservoirs and tanks.
           To establish, maintain, run shelter and medical reliefto affected people.
           To accept foreign contributions on behalf of the trust and utilize such contribution for
  the purpose of carrying medical relief to the persons.
           To import machinery and receive by way of donation from foreign countries equipments for
  thepurpose of research especially in the field of medical, scientific and research foundations.
           The beneficiaries of the trust shall be the poor , both men ,and women, children,
    handicapped and any individual deserving the aid succor and upliftment without any distinction of caste , color, creed ,sex or religion.